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Blair and Murdoch, sitting in a tree …

We suspect that Wendi Deng may not be the most popular member of Clan Murdoch right about now, having spilled the beans about Tony Blair being godfather to Rupert’s daughter, Grace. Far be it from us to accuse the man … Continue reading

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Mubarak on trial

So, after considerable doubt that he would in fact make it to the courtroom, Hosni Mubarak, former President/dictator of Egypt, stands accused of corruption and of the unlawful killing of protestors. If convicted, he faces the death penalty. It’s a … Continue reading

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Libya: A Week of Indignity

Gaddafi is a war criminal. That much seems a fair assessment. In that context, the International Criminal Court warrant that authorises his arrest seems welcome. On the other hand, it’s highly debatable whether Gaddafi is alone in the commission of … Continue reading

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Unmanned drones: 1 in 50 ‘soldiers’ in Afghanistan are robotic

For those of us who grew up with films such as Terminator and Robocop, the ideas of cyber-soldiers and wars between futuristic machines are familiar ones. Most of us probably thought that we were dealing in science fiction, rather than … Continue reading

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