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Harsh sentences for rioters are sleight of hand

Vera Baird writes in today’s Guardian that apparent government intervention in the sentencing of those convicted of offences relating to the recent riots is “a sinister attempt to upend the judicial process“. We agree with her. The whole purpose of … Continue reading

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Database State: two months after the Freedom Bill, are civil liberties violations back on the agenda?

It all started so promisingly. Amid promises to ‘end the storage of email and internet records without good reason’, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition apparently undertook the arduous task of restoring to the British populace the civil liberties that Labour eroded … Continue reading

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Public sector cuts: Will government debt become public debt?

You know the story by now. Feckless Labour government spends all our money. Brave Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition rides into parliament on a white horse to rescue us all from fiscal collapse. It’s a narrative that has been recapitulated more times … Continue reading

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