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Is this man now more or less likely to commit crime in the future?

Justice is being done! The heartless youths who have lately been decimating the moral values of this country are being meted out suitably punitive sentences. That’ll learn ’em. And, while we’re at it, it’ll act as a deterrent to any … Continue reading

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Database State: two months after the Freedom Bill, are civil liberties violations back on the agenda?

It all started so promisingly. Amid promises to ‘end the storage of email and internet records without good reason’, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition apparently undertook the arduous task of restoring to the British populace the civil liberties that Labour eroded … Continue reading

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Public sector cuts: Are the police too keen on putting the kettle on?

We’ve written previously about the apparent enthusiasm for heavy-handed and authoritarian tactics amongst police officers in the UK. A paper by Liberty, (reported here in the Independent) who were brought in as independent observers of the protests against the public … Continue reading

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Misuse of authority: Are the police taking the law into their own hands?

We came across two disparate articles with significant similarities today. The first, George Monbiot’s comment in the Guardian, reels off a list of examples of British police apparently manipulating the law to suit their own ends. The killings of Jean … Continue reading

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Will the Freedom Bill tackle CCTV in schools?

News emerged last week that Stoke Park School & Community Technology College, in Coventry, has installed a mind-boggling 112 CCTV cameras to monitor 1090 students. While the acting head teacher defended this fact by claiming that there were no cameras … Continue reading

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What’s ‘left’ of our leaders’ commitment to protecting civil liberties?

As we mentioned yesterday, we’ve been poring over Statewatch’s recent report on the depth of the Coalition’s commitment to civil liberties. If you want to read the entire report, you can check it out here (about halfway down the page). … Continue reading

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