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Internet Freedom: fighting back to protect the web

You’ll probably remember that, back in January, Egypt was effectively taken offline by a government seeking to quell incendiary protests. More recently, in the wake of riots in the UK, David Cameron was reportedly toying with the idea of shutting … Continue reading

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Is this the future of civil liberties?

We’re not big fans of full body scanners ~ those funny machines that reveal your naked body to security personnel, could give you cancer, and don’t seem to do what they’re supposed to do. They’re not such a big problem … Continue reading

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New ‘Smart’ CCTV records the erosion of civil liberties in even greater clarity and detail

The aftermath of recent riots in the UK has led, amongst other consequences, to a push in some quarters for greater usage of CCTV. The rationale for this approach seems to be that, if the UK’s enormous preponderance of CCTV … Continue reading

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Riots are an argument for more civil liberties, not fewer

And so the post-mortem has begun. Now that the initial wave of rioting and looting appears to have subsided, the question of what can be done to prevent a repetition comes to the lips. David Cameron has come up with … Continue reading

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Database State: two months after the Freedom Bill, are civil liberties violations back on the agenda?

It all started so promisingly. Amid promises to ‘end the storage of email and internet records without good reason’, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition apparently undertook the arduous task of restoring to the British populace the civil liberties that Labour eroded … Continue reading

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The battle for the soul of the internet

So, here’s the backstory: the names of several public figures, who have reputedly taken out ‘super-injunctions’ preventing information about their private lives from reaching the public domain, were leaked recently via Twitter. The situation has prompted a furore, with culture … Continue reading

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Unmanned drones: 1 in 50 ‘soldiers’ in Afghanistan are robotic

For those of us who grew up with films such as Terminator and Robocop, the ideas of cyber-soldiers and wars between futuristic machines are familiar ones. Most of us probably thought that we were dealing in science fiction, rather than … Continue reading

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