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Hollow in the middle: the effect of the cuts

With unemployment figures showing that the government’s growth strategy is moving the UK in the opposite direction to its supposed intention, David Cameron has resorted to blaming the crisis in the eurozone for the continuing stagnation in the UK economy. … Continue reading

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Tottenham Riots: cause and effect

It’s easy to dismiss rioters and looters in Tottenham as ‘feral youth’, and indeed it’s possible that some were motivated by little more than opportunism. On the other hand, it’s equally possible to justify criminal damage and intimidating behaviour as … Continue reading

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Public sector cuts: lost arts

It can be tough to ascertain the true impact of public sector spending cuts. Amidst the constant rhetoric assuring us of their necessity, voices that explain, in measured tones, quite how destructive our government’s approach really is, are often drowned … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: muddleheaded tactics and pay cuts

Most of us recognise that the war in Afghanistan is futile, probably unwinnable, and a colossal waste of money. It’s unusual to hear outspoken criticism from the heart of the British establishment, however, which makes the words of former British … Continue reading

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Public Sector Cuts: making Britain poorer (and more sexist)

We’ve decided that it’s time to start counting the cost of public sector cuts in terms of the real impact. It’s all very well bandying around percentages and figures, but it’s hard for most of us to truly understand what … Continue reading

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AV referendum: a sad day for British democracy

So, the results are in. At the time of writing, the referendum on introducing  is all over bar the shouting. It’s blatantly apparent that the ‘NO’ campaign has won a comprehensive victory, with more than two thirds of the vote. … Continue reading

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AV: All rise for a representative parliament

We seek to remain as neutral as possible in matters of politics. Inevitably, we find ourselves campaigning against specific government policies (including legislation introduced by our previous government and now being carried, relay-style, by our current one). We do so … Continue reading

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