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Internet Freedom: fighting back to protect the web

You’ll probably remember that, back in January, Egypt was effectively taken offline by a government seeking to quell incendiary protests. More recently, in the wake of riots in the UK, David Cameron was reportedly toying with the idea of shutting … Continue reading

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Tax Justice: It’s actually pretty simple

The front page of today’s Telegraph loudly trumpets the idea that maintaining the 50p tax rate on people earning more than £150, 000 per year is likely, not to earn revenue for the government, but rather to cost about £1 … Continue reading

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Hollow in the middle: the effect of the cuts

With unemployment figures showing that the government’s growth strategy is moving the UK in the opposite direction to its supposed intention, David Cameron has resorted to blaming the crisis in the eurozone for the continuing stagnation in the UK economy. … Continue reading

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Is this the future of civil liberties?

We’re not big fans of full body scanners ~ those funny machines that reveal your naked body to security personnel, could give you cancer, and don’t seem to do what they’re supposed to do. They’re not such a big problem … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: the start of a movement?

You’ve heard about Occupy Wall Street, right? We sure hope so. Beginning on September 17th, protestors showed up in Zuccotti Park, formerly Liberty Park Plaza, and … well, they’ve been there ever since. What do they want? Same as the … Continue reading

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Is Libya just Iraq or Afghanistan with better PR?

By and large, most of us seem to have accepted the version of events in Libya that suggests that Gaddafi was a clear danger to citizens of his own country, that the rebel uprising was an expression of outrage by … Continue reading

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10th anniversary of 9/11: a time for sanity

You may have noticed that there’s a significant anniversary approaching. Ten full years since an appalled, baffled populace watched open-mouthed as first one aeroplane, then another, hurtled into the twin towers of the World Trade Cente, what has now become … Continue reading

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