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Is Libya just Iraq or Afghanistan with better PR?

By and large, most of us seem to have accepted the version of events in Libya that suggests that Gaddafi was a clear danger to citizens of his own country, that the rebel uprising was an expression of outrage by … Continue reading

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10th anniversary of 9/11: a time for sanity

You may have noticed that there’s a significant anniversary approaching. Ten full years since an appalled, baffled populace watched open-mouthed as first one aeroplane, then another, hurtled into the twin towers of the World Trade Cente, what has now become … Continue reading

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Libya: who exactly are the ‘good guys’, again?

The more we explore the situation in Libya, the less convincing the ‘official’ narrative appears. While we’ve always been skeptical of the way in which NATO countries have exceeded the mandate accorded them by UN Resolution 1973, this article suggests … Continue reading

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Libya: a liberal war, or just a commercial one?

Tim Stanley, writing today in the Telegraph, claims that American intervention in Libya constitutes a liberal war, essentially on the basis that it’s apparently motivated by a desire to free the populace rather than a desire to enslave them. Well, … Continue reading

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Does it take violence to get noticed?

Let’s start this post by making it absolutely clear that we’re in no way condoning the behaviour of people who have taken it upon themselves to take to the streets of London and go on the rampage. The story of … Continue reading

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Mubarak on trial

So, after considerable doubt that he would in fact make it to the courtroom, Hosni Mubarak, former President/dictator of Egypt, stands accused of corruption and of the unlawful killing of protestors. If convicted, he faces the death penalty. It’s a … Continue reading

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We have met the enemy and he is us

Walt Kelly famously coined the phrase ‘we have met the enemy and he is us’ in a Pogo comic strip in the 1950s. The phrase takes on a macabre prescience this week in the wake of the horrific attacks carried … Continue reading

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