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Is Libya just Iraq or Afghanistan with better PR?

By and large, most of us seem to have accepted the version of events in Libya that suggests that Gaddafi was a clear danger to citizens of his own country, that the rebel uprising was an expression of outrage by … Continue reading

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New ‘Smart’ CCTV records the erosion of civil liberties in even greater clarity and detail

The aftermath of recent riots in the UK has led, amongst other consequences, to a push in some quarters for greater usage of CCTV. The rationale for this approach seems to be that, if the UK’s enormous preponderance of CCTV … Continue reading

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10th anniversary of 9/11: a time for sanity

You may have noticed that there’s a significant anniversary approaching. Ten full years since an appalled, baffled populace watched open-mouthed as first one aeroplane, then another, hurtled into the twin towers of the World Trade Cente, what has now become … Continue reading

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Blair and Murdoch, sitting in a tree …

We suspect that Wendi Deng may not be the most popular member of Clan Murdoch right about now, having spilled the beans about Tony Blair being godfather to Rupert’s daughter, Grace. Far be it from us to accuse the man … Continue reading

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Libya: who exactly are the ‘good guys’, again?

The more we explore the situation in Libya, the less convincing the ‘official’ narrative appears. While we’ve always been skeptical of the way in which NATO countries have exceeded the mandate accorded them by UN Resolution 1973, this article suggests … Continue reading

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