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Libya: what happens next?

It appears that this phase, at least, of the conflict in Libya is reaching its denouement. South African president Jacob Zuma has met with Gaddafi, and reports that the latter is interested in negotiating a truce. The ‘roadmap’ that he … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: muddleheaded tactics and pay cuts

Most of us recognise that the war in Afghanistan is futile, probably unwinnable, and a colossal waste of money. It’s unusual to hear outspoken criticism from the heart of the British establishment, however, which makes the words of former British … Continue reading

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Database State: two months after the Freedom Bill, are civil liberties violations back on the agenda?

It all started so promisingly. Amid promises to ‘end the storage of email and internet records without good reason’, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition apparently undertook the arduous task of restoring to the British populace the civil liberties that Labour eroded … Continue reading

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Public Sector Cuts: making Britain poorer (and more sexist)

We’ve decided that it’s time to start counting the cost of public sector cuts in terms of the real impact. It’s all very well bandying around percentages and figures, but it’s hard for most of us to truly understand what … Continue reading

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Libya: Are we witnessing a betrayal in progress?

We’ve written before of our doubts about the motivations behind foreign intervention in Libya. Sadly, those doubts are gaining momentum with every passing day. It’s only a few days since Major General Michael Laurie went public with the revelation that … Continue reading

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The battle for the soul of the internet

So, here’s the backstory: the names of several public figures, who have reputedly taken out ‘super-injunctions’ preventing information about their private lives from reaching the public domain, were leaked recently via Twitter. The situation has prompted a furore, with culture … Continue reading

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Libya: Berlusconi under fire for agreeing to bombing

It’s not exactly the most altruistic of motives for wanting to prevent further bombing in Libya. Senior figures in Italy’s Northern League, coalition partners to Silvio Berlusconi‘s government, are protesting Italy’s involvement in military action on the grounds that prolonging … Continue reading

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