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Libya: who’s fighting who?

By now, we expect that you’re familiar with the ‘official’ narrative describing events taking place in Libya. A spontaneous uprising against the repressive regime of Muammar Gaddafi sparks brutal retaliatory attacks from the dictator; Britain, France, and the US step … Continue reading

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AV: All rise for a representative parliament

We seek to remain as neutral as possible in matters of politics. Inevitably, we find ourselves campaigning against specific government policies (including legislation introduced by our previous government and now being carried, relay-style, by our current one). We do so … Continue reading

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Libya: Will escalation lead to freedom, or just more bloodshed?

Come the Italians, come further airstrikes. Silvio Berlusconi has authorised the use of Italian jets in “targeted military action” against Muammar Gaddafi. Meanwhile, Gaddafi has withdrawn his forces from Misurata in a move rebels suspect precedes an attempt to obliterate … Continue reading

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Libya: A new Afghanistan?

On a day in which news of the death of another British soldier — this time Captain Lisa Head, who was killed in an explosion while clearing bombs from a roadside in Helmand Province — filters out to the world, … Continue reading

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Libya: Between a rock and a hard place?

It’s abundantly clear to us, from following people in Libya who are — possibly at great personal risk — tweeting about their predicament and encouraging greater intervention from NATO, that there are plenty who would rather see more action from … Continue reading

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Public sector cuts: Are the police too keen on putting the kettle on?

We’ve written previously about the apparent enthusiasm for heavy-handed and authoritarian tactics amongst police officers in the UK. A paper by Liberty, (reported here in the Independent) who were brought in as independent observers of the protests against the public … Continue reading

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Libya: Hands up who saw this coming

It was with considerable sadness that we noted the state of events in Libya today. This piece from the Telegraph describes the havoc being created by the apparently random launching of cluster bombs into the streets of Misurata by forces … Continue reading

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